Noodles Cause Cancer?

Perhaps it’s the asian in me, but I could eat noodles every day! Ramen, Udon, Pho, Pad Thai… you name it, I love it. Nothing warms me up on a cold day than a piping hot bowl of noodles! Recently a friend informed me that instant noodles are covered in a wax similar to that of styrofoam and contains cancer causing agents.

Noodles cause cancer

I decided to share said information via facebook and stirred up some drama over the accuracy of the claim. Honestly, how are we on facebook 24/7 and can’t make it to a sixty minute yoga class? Same for blogging, but I digress…

In fact there is no evidence that wax from noodles causes cancer (see However, hoax or not, large quantities of processed foods aren’t good for the body. Ramen noodles have insanely high level of carbohydrates, sodium, saturated fat and trans fat. Sodium levels average 50%-80% of the recommended daily intake. The carbohydrates are so processed they flood the bloodstream with sugar.

The spike in blood-sugar creates a euphoric, desensitizing effect that is initially very comforting. Extreme spikes are always followed by a crash. Therefore the more we eat noodles the more we crave noodles and other ‘comforting’ foods. We enter a drug-like cycle of sugar highs marked by a feeling of fullness and sugar lows marked by irritability, anxiety and hunger. There are different drugs for different folks, noodles just happen to be my vice.

The noodle nazi says the occasional indulgence in comfort foods whether they be noodles, ice cream, or a can of coke will not kill you (immediately). Just eat these foods mindfully, with gratitude and do not ignore the feedback your body provides. Change happens slowly, just let it be in the right direction.




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